Rock Art

Respect our Oceans

My first inspiration came through a dear old girlfriend . She was posting her rock art on FB. She had started rock painting and I admired her creativity.  She got better by the day.  I looked further into it, and found this movement of people creating rock art in the states with the goal to make someone smile. This really hit me, especially because I not only passionately collect rocks (mainly heart rocks) since childhood, but love to make people smile.  So I thought, I would challenge myself, to see if I can draw again.

If just one rock could bring a smile to another persons face, that thought put a smile on mine also. Win win situation.

So, one day in December 2021, I watched a few videos on the process, tools and materials needed, ordered them and next day got started (gotta love Amazon Prime)!  Thanks to the mass of inspirations found on Pinterest and YouTube, I was able to gather ideas to create.

My first creation (1/21 Cat Love) was noticed by friends that came by.  First reaction was:  “I didn’t know you can draw/paint”!   (Now, that made me smile. )  I said, “I can’t, but am trying.”

In Junior High, I actually did once draw a cute senior lion with a stick, which was chosen for our yearbook, but that was 4 decades ago. Lol   I never continued drawing.  Guess it’s like riding a bike.  Now I'm slowly turning into a senior 😉 and realize , it’s never too late to start a new journey or continue an old one.


1/21 Cat Love